Established in 2002, Nefeli® is trusted worldwide by professional practitioners of holistic well being and anti-aging rejuvenation as well as consumers seeking a natural path to beauty, health and rejuvenation. Nefeli® is a pioneer and a top researcher in the modern implementation of ancient Chinese medicine for beauty, health and rejuvenation inside out.



Nefeli® follows the philosophy of the Chinese sages and brings its healing principles to today's health conscious women and men. We practice what Chinese medicine teaches. Beauty and health are intertwined and depend upon a delicate balance of the root "treasures" - Qi (energy), Jing (essence) and Shen (spirit) - of our beings. Nefeli strongly supports the Chinese healing principle that our body has a tremendous inborn healing power that can be further utilized. That is precisely what our products do.

True to Chinese tradition and proven by clinical experience, Nefeli® blends the pure essences of superior Chinese beauty and well being herbals harvesting the optimum balance to draw out their maximum impact and benefit. Combining ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research, Nefeli® brings to you a refined and exclusive gift from the natural world. Our products are a part of a rejuvenated life resulting from a true balance within the body.



Nefeli's unique line of herbal skin care products, designed by an experienced and certified Chinese herbalist and leading authority in natural facial and body rejuvenation, implements the secrets of thousands of years of Chinese medicinal wisdom. Each product is a specific blend of time-honored Chinese herbals. Every formula is packed with ancient healing miracles whose power derives directly from nature.

The result? Fabulous, free-breathing skin throughout your face and body radiating natural beauty. A super healthy facial tone that glows, as the Chinese say, like jade. Clear, beautiful eyes. Healthy full hair. And best of all, an overall youthful appearance that brings joy to your life.

  • Products that create beauty from the inside out by recovering your body’s natural internal balance for Beauty, Health and Rejuvenation.
  • Formulated by Certified Herbalist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 20 years of clinical experience.
  • Only natural herbal ingredients sourced from indigenous areas and of the highest quality.


To create the best natural and effective well being and skin & body care products with superior healing herbals for instant beauty, health and rejuvenation with sustained benefits. Nefeli® aspires to share and enhance, with modern science, the vast and treasured ancient eastern knowledge of natural healing throughout the world.



  • The best combination of natural ingredients.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • No parabens.
  • No artificial fragrance or color.
  • No mineral oil.
  • Highest quality herbal ingredients passing all US FDA and GMP standards.
  • 100% Natural
  • No preservatives