What is the difference between Nefeli skin care products and others with herbal or botanical ingredients?

Nefeli’s skin care line consists of beauty creams, serums, masks, exfoliators and lotions as well as beauty  well being supplments.  Nefeli’s unique line of natural herbal skin care products  is the only anti-aging line designed by a doctor of oriental medicine (Ph.D) specializing in facial and body rejuvenation, licensed acupuncturist and licensed Herbalist with 20+ years of clinical experience in facial and body rejuvenation.  Implementing the secrets of thousands of years of Chinese medicinal wisdom and healing practices, the formulas are tailored specifically for modern day needs. Each product is  specially formulated using time-honored Chinese medicinal beauty herbs that are loaded with scientifically proven nutrients and antioxidants that feed and protect your skin cells, rejuvenating and energizing your skin and body.  Every formula is packed with herbals that are optimally blended in such a way that they work together synergistically to Nourish,  Repair, and Balance the skin.  Instant beauty with sustained  health benefits from the leading authority in natural facial and body rejuvenation.

How do I know which products are right for my skin condition?

Your skin condition is always changing, due to environmental conditions, your internal balance, and aging. Nefeli offers a range of skin care products covering all skin types  from dry skin to uneven, discolored skin. Nefeli also takes seasonal factors into consideration. For example, your skin may be normal in spring and summer at which time normal skin products are right for you. However, if winter conditions tend to dry your skin, then you should switch to products for dry skin. If you have more than one condition (dry skin with wrinkled skin is a common example) then you can easily mix and match the different products to cover all your needs. For example, use the Extreme Dry Skin Serum, Toner and Mask for your dry skin during the day while using Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream as you sleep.

Nefeli also has a line of herbal supplements that address the same skin beauty, health, and rejuvenation needs. Can I combine the topical skin care products with internal herbal supplements?

Yes. "Eating for beauty" is a fairly new concept in our society but it is rootted in thousands of years of Eastern medicial practice. It is very successful in restoring the natural internal balance that cretes health and beauty. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always known that external beauty is the result of internal balance. Thatt's why Nefeli's herbal supplements, which are actually healing 'foods' for your body's systems, are more importance for a youthful, beautiful face than anything you can apply topically. It makes sense to combine the supplements with the topical treamtn products because they work in different ways. Nefeli's all natural and pure herbal supplements rejuvenate and beautify the skin and body from the inside where the root of the major aging problem arises.

Skin beauty is only one purpose of the supplements. They also energize, rejuvenate, promote overall health, strengthen the internal systems, and help prevent disease. Nefeli strongly believes that when the internal body is in balance, the resulting health is mirrored in the beautiful skin of your face. And no wonder. When the internal body system is healthy and balanced, the skin guaranteed to get the nutrients and nourishment it needs. The aging process of the skin is thus delayed. Even though there are nutrients and antioxidants in the topical skin care lin, supplementing them with internally acting herbal tonics makes perfect sense for your beauty needs. Your skin will get inner and outer nourishment at the same time. Combining Nefeli's natural herbal supplements with Nefeli's skin are products give your face an ideal root-and-branch effect.

How do I combine them?

It's simple. Pick the skin care line that fits your skin conditions and add Nefeli skin and herbal supplements according to what your skin concerns are. Nefeli's design goal for these products is precisely to provide this inner and outer nourishment not just for beauty but for a total well-being of body, mind and spirit. The following are convenient all-in-one packages that bring you compatible combinations of natural herbal supplements and skin care products especially designed for your particular beauty needs.

How does Nefeli control it's herbal product safety and quality?

Each Nefeli ingredient is processed by GMP and TGA world-certified manufacturers, and produced in GMP manufacturing plants in the United States. Complete lab tests are done for all individual ingredients, both at the initial production stage and once again before final packing. A portion of each final product is randomly tested by individual labs for heavy metal contents and microbiotics to insure it surpasses FDA requirements as nutritional supplements. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available by request.


Well Being Herbal Supplements

How do herbal supplements work to beautify and rejuvenate?

By restoring the natural internal balance that creates health and beauty. "Eating for Beauty" is a new concept in our society, but such a nutritional beauty strategy is rooted in thousands of years of Eastern medical practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always known that external beauty is the result of internal balance. That's why Nefeli's herbal supplements, which are actually healing "foods" for your body's systems, are more important for a youthful, beautiful face than anything you apply topically.

Does that mean creams and gels aren't necessary?

Absolutely not! Topical treatments applied directly to your face and other skin areas provide a powerful boost to your youth-and-beauty strategy. Your ideal program is to use internal and external treatments together.

Is it okay to take several Nefeli herbal supplements at the same time?

Yes. Many people have multiple concerns and they will benefit by addressing them all with the appropriate Nefeli supplements. For example, if your wrinkle problems are accompanied by extra pounds and a dull complexion, you'll want to be taking "Wrinkle Smoother," "Weight Management" and "Bright Complexion" simultaneously. Many such problems result from interconnected internal imbalances and deficiencies, so you can only benefit from addressing them all, naturally and safely.


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