(12-13 CEUs) TCM Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction System

(12-13 CEUs) TCM Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction System

Nefeli Corporation
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13 NCCAOM, 12 FL and TX CEUs 

For the first ever, Dr. Ping Zhang from Nefeli presents comprehensive TCM treatment protocls for Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction that comes solely from her clinical practice backed by Great results from her patients. From either Acupuncture Weight Loss protocol with special techniques and empirical point combination, conjunctive alternating treatment protocols, fast track rotational treatment to Qi Gong weight loss exercise, herbal and food prescriptions according to TCM biological clock ... You will learn them all in this DVD program. 
Outline of the course:

Section One (Slide #1- #10) --- DVD1. It covers the comparison and contracts of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine for obesity, the BMI (Body Mass Index) from the National Institute of Health, related TCM theory with obesity and overweight and basic principle and guidelines for treating Obesity and overweight. Time length of the DVD1: 3 hrs 30 minutes

Section Two (Slide #11 - #14) --- DVD2. It covers details of TCM pattern differentiation with respects of TCM etiology for obesity and Treatment Patterns Identification for obesity. Time length of the DVD2: 3 hrs

Section Three (Slide #15- #41) DVD2-DVD3. It covers specific TCM Treatment modalities for weight loss and cellulite reduction, including • Acupuncture treatment for Obesity and overweight – acupoints selection, and treatment techniques based on each individual patterns of obesity and overweight pattern diagnosis. • Chinese Herbal Medicine for obesity and overweight – individual herb selection as well as formula composition based on TCM obesity and overweight pattern diagnosis • Specific treatment therapies are discussed including auricular acupuncture, Tui Na techniques, foods therapy as well as Qi Gong for obesity and overweight. • TCM cellulite treatment protocols including pattern diagnosis and treatment modalities. Time length of the DVD3: 3 hrs 30 minutes

Section Four (Slide #42- #44) DVD4. This is the final DVD. It is a hands-on step by step demo reference for the application of TCM Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Treatment. Time length of the DVD4: 2 hrs

Return Policy: Non Refundable

Test questionnaire is included with the DVD set. To earn the CEUs, please send back question answers (by fax, mail or email) and given satisfactory result, you will recieve in the mail a certificate of CEUs.