(16 CEUs) Qi Gong Acupuncture

(16 CEUs) Qi Gong Acupuncture

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Qi Gong Acupuncture 16 NCCAOM, 15 FL CEUs
$200 for the entire course DVD series (6 DVDs)

Section One (Total 3 hrs)

  • Introduction to TCM Qi Gong, history, characters, and its development in current TCM Qi Gong acupuncture practice (1 hr).
  • Detailed Qi Gong Acupuncture theory treatment principles and its application to disease characteristics (2 hr).

Section 2 (Total 4 hrs)

  • Three level Qi Gong Acupuncture concept and application- energy transfer from patient- practitioner- energy in between (2 hr).
  • Qi Gong Acupuncture hands on protocols and techniques (2.5 hr).

Section 3 (Total 6 hrs)

  • Qi Gong Acupuncture hands on treatment for various biological system diseases, principles of treatment and prescriptions for auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalance disorders, GYN disorders, and muscular and neurologic disorders (3hr).
  • Qi Gong Acupuncture case studies - one case selected from each of the above mentioned system disorders (3 hr).

Section 4 (Total 3 hr)

  • Qi Gong methodology to protect practitioners' well-being and patients' active self-healing (1.5hr).
  • Practitioner's ethical practice in Qi Gong Acupuncture (1 hr).
  • Cautions and contraindications of Qi Gong Acupuncture (0.5 hr).