All Season Immune System Support

All Season Immune System Support

Nefeli Corporation
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Every year, millions of dollars are spent on commercial products that promise to relieve runny noses, calm allergies and soothe sinus cold conditions. Many of these products are great for relieving bothersome symptoms but they pay little attention to maintaining a healthy immune function so your body can better deal with the crisis.

Nefeli has a better way. All Season Immune System Support delivers natural symptom relief by actually supporting your body’s healthy immune system response instead of weakening it. You feel better and won’t get sick as often in the future. Most importantly, this natural herbal supplement helps the body to address seasonal symptoms effectively.

All Season Immune System Support is for you if:

  • You want to maintain your healthy immune function so you can fight seasonal symptoms in a safe and effective way.

Our formula and claim are based on TCM texts and principles and the clinical practice of TCM practitioners.

100% natural. No preservatives.

Guaranteed quality. Pass US FDA guidelines. FDA registered.

All Season Immune System Support uses herbals directly from the Chinese tradition of strengthening the body’s own immune system through fortification and enhancement of the body’s self-recovery and protective capabilities. Unlike typical symptom suppression remedies made with chemicals,

All Season Immune System Support works with your body’s natural defensive system to protect you against seasonal environmental factors, achieve holistic balance thus maintaining the strong immune system and good health from the inside and soothing symptoms on the outside, naturally! Some of the top natural herbals in this formulation are:

Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root)
• Clears heat and detoxifies the body.
• Helps support the healthy body’s ability to fight off seasonal symptoms.

Jin Yin Hua (Honeysuckle Flower) and Lian Qiao (Forsythia Fruit)
• Both these herbals clear heat, relieve toxicity and address signs of sore throat related to seasonal cold and flu.

Cang Er Zi (Cockleblur Fruit)
• Supports the body’s natural ability to maintain nasal and sinus health and to soothe seasonal symptoms.

Da Zao (Jujube Fruit) and Bai Shao (White Peony Root)
• These herbals harmonize ying (nutritive aspect of the body) and wei (defensive energy) to help maintain a healthy body function.